Price List

Property Size4 Weekly6 Weekly8 Weekly
2 Bed Semi-Detached / Terrace£13£15£20
3 Bed Semi-Detached / Terrace£13£15£20
4 Bed Semi-Detached / Terrace£14£16£22
2 Bed Detached£14£17£22
3 Bed Detached£14£17£22
4 Bed Detached£16£19£25
5 Bed Detached£20£23£32
Town House£15£17£22
Conservatory Windows+£3+£3+£3

One Off Services

Property SizeSoffits / Fascias /
All Exterior UPVC
2, 3 or 4 Bed Semi-Detached / Terrace£55
2, 3 or 4 Bed Detached£75
5 Bed Detached£120
Town House£130
Interior Window CleaningUse 4 weekly Exterior price and add to your exterior clean price
Conservatory Roof Cleaning£3.50 per panel; £35 minimum charge
Complete Conservatory Clean
(Inside and out, including roof, uPVC, glass and gutters)
From £80 depending on size, condition etc. If unsure please call for accurate price.

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