How can I pay you?

Aspect Window Cleaners aim to be a 100% cashless & debt-free business. GoCardless Direct Debit is our only method of payment for regular window cleaning because it's the safest way to pay and you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Sorry but we do not accept cash, cheques or bank transfers.

How will I know when payment is going to be taken?

Payment is collected 5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will receive an email from GoCardless prior to your payment being taken informing you of the amount due and the date that the payment will be collected.

Is GoCardless a monthly direct debit?

No, GoCardless only asks for a payment when a job is complete. It's perfect for collecting regular payments such as 6 or 12 weekly window cleaning.

I haven’t had my windows cleaned will payment still be taken automatically?

No, payment is only ever taken if your windows have been cleaned.

I’m having building work done and won’t need my windows cleaning for a few months, will I need to cancel the direct debit setup?

No, Payments are only ever taken after your windows are cleaned, if you are not having your windows cleaned for any reason payment will never be taken until you re-start your cleaning schedule.

I normally have the fronts and backs of my property cleaned, will I get charged the full amount if only the fronts are cleaned?

No, the direct debit payment system by GoCardless is a variable direct debit meaning that we will only collect the amount due for that particular window clean.


I have booked a window clean but no one has come?

Have you completed the GoCardless Direct Debit Mandate on the "Payments" page? We require a GoCardless Direct Debit to be set up at least two days prior to your first clean date. We do not accept cash, cards, cheques or bank transfers.

Why is the "12 weekly" price more expensive?

We offer a 12 weekly round because some customers prefer to have less visits each year. The price is higher per clean on the 12 weekly round due to the extra time needed to clean the windows, frames and doors. Even though the price per visit is more you still save around 25% per year.

Do you use ladders?

No Aspect Window Cleaners don't use ladders for window cleaning or climb on to flat roofs. Due to the "Working at height regulations 2005" we have chosen to put the safety of our operatives first and use the water fed pole to carry out our window cleaning.

Why have you left my glass wet? What method do you use to clean my windows?

Aspect Window Cleaners use pure deionised water to clean your windows. This involves the use of a carbon fibre telescopic pole, a soft brush and 100% pure water which we have filtered through a five stage filtration process. We remove the dirt from your windows with a purpose made window cleaning brush then rinse the glass. The pure water is left on the windows to dry naturally without leaving any watermarks. Due to the "Working At Height Regulations 2005" we do not use ladders when cleaning your windows or climb on to flat roofs.

Why has my window cleaner arrived early or later than scheduled?

Our regular window cleaning round is approximately 6 or 12 weekly. Staff holidays, sick leave and bad weather can effect our schedule. Also at the end of each year we optimise our rounds so your last clean of the year or your first clean of the new year may be early or later than usual. Please allow some flexibility.

Do you come on the same day each time?

No, your window clean can fall due on any day of the week.

Will the same window cleaner come each time?

Due to staff holidays, sick leave, paternity leave and round optimisation it is not always possible to have the same window cleaner on each visit. We pride ourselves on offering a regular 6 or 12 weekly service, to do this we may need to use different operators to clean your windows from time to time.

Do you clean windows in the rain?

Yes Aspect Window Cleaners clean windows in light rain. Rain water is relatively pure so doesn’t effect the quality of the clean. We also offer a "Rain Guarantee" Please see your "Windows Cleaned Today" slip which is posted through your letterbox after the clean.

My windows are still dirty - You have missed a window. Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes Aspect Window Cleaners offer a 48 hour guarantee with all our window cleaning. If you are not 100% satisfied we will come back and re-clean for free. To book a free re-clean just complete the contact form on our "Contact Us" page. A call out charge may be applied if we return to clean and we find it's the inside of the windows that are dirty or the double glazed unit has failed and the dirt is on the inside of the unit. Please note that there might always be one or two water spots left on the glass, this is the trade off between quality and safety.

How do I cancel my window cleaning?

If you wish to cancel your window cleaning permanently just complete the contact form on our Contact Us page. Please provide a reason for your cancellation.

If you have any further question regarding your window cleaning please get in contact with us any time, you can call us directly on 07769 354 106

Use our contact us page to send us a message.